September 26, 2012

The latest repairs have been clogged radiators.

If a radiator is clogged, or is getting there, the most likely sign is that your engine will heat up slowly as you cruise on the road.  Turning on the heater full blast will help to bring down the temperature.  Also, turn off the air conditioner and slow your speed to below 60 mph.

If the temperature just doesn't come down but keeps slowly climbing then you will have to get off the highway and let the engine cool down before you proceed again.  Be sure to check your coolant level before starting off again.

If you have just a light that comes on instead of a gauge, then if that light comes on you cannot turn the key off fast enough.  Coast to the side of the road.  A light does not tell you how the engine overheated.  It just tells you it is too hot.  Do not take chances.  Just turn off the engine and get to the side of the road.  Otherwise  you might be getting another engine. $$$$$$

Sometimes a clogged radiator can be repaired with reverse pulse flushing of the radiator.  Check with your mechanic.  Much cheaper than a new radiator.

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