November 19, 2012

Your brakes

I am starting to see more problems with brakes lately.  For quite some time now I have not worked on the hydraulics in brakes, but just recently the brake hydraulic repairs have been coming.

For safety, there are two hydraulic systems built into your brakes.  So that if one fails, or a line is cut by road debris, or a wheel cylinder fails, the other system will still be able to stop your vehicle.

If your brake pedal goes down too far, or it feels "spongy", or you cannot stop as soon when you apply the brakes, one of the hydraulic systems may not be working.  Even though the brake pedal feels funny or goes all the way down to the floor, you should be able to stop the vehicle with one hydraulic system working.

Of course, first check to be sure you have enough brake fluid.  If you don't, add some and look at all four wheels for a brake fluid leak.  Get under the vehicle and look at each wheel from under the car.  If you see fluid running down a tire, or one of the tires looks like a spatter paint project, most likely you have a brake fluid leak at that wheel.

If you don't see any leaking, it is possible that your brake pads are just low.  Meaning that the brake pistons at the wheels have displaced the capacity of the brake system so that the fluid level is drawn low in the master cylinder.

In any case, have your brakes checked to see why the brake pedal is acting funny.  If you can't stop your vehicle, you shouldn't be on the road.  For your safety and for other's.

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