December 10, 2012

Pack rats!

Tis the season.  Pack rats love to make nests in vehicles and chew on the wiring.  I don't know why they like the wiring.

If you have a pack rat problem in your vehicle, I have discovered an easy and very effective way to trap him.

Use a live bait trap.  For bait use fresh fruit with an assortment of shiny new coins.  If you don't catch him the first day, take out the fruit and put in fresh for the next day.  Eventually you should get him.

I have had very good success with this method.  Sometimes I have caught the varmint in less than two hours. They love fresh fruit and can't resist holding shiny things in their paws.

Disposing of him?  I will leave those ideas up to you.  Just make sure your trap is very secure so that he doesn't escape while you decide.  Happened to me.

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