February 13, 2013

What I do

Besides repairs, I spend time going over the needs of the vehicle with you.  Showing you what you need to repair right away and what can wait.

To the best of my ability and experience I will estimate how long you can wait to repair an item that is hard for your budget to swallow.  I understand that everyone is in a different position financially.

Back in the 80's most of my customers told me, "Just fix it."  But it is a much different story now.  Most people want to know an estimate, and how long it will take to repair.

10 years ago, lots of my customers had several vehicles.  One vehicle could be in the shop, and they could be driving a different one.  Even though lots of people still have more than two cars, that has changed.  Now, if the car is in the shop, many customers have to get a ride with someone else, or do without the vehicle.

I have not yet come to the place to have a loaner car.  Hopefully I can do that soon.  In the mean time, I work as hard as I can to repair your vehicle in a timely manner, but do it right.

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