April 18, 2013

Fuel Pumps

Been changing fuel pumps recently.

If you happen to stop to fuel up at the convenience store and get in to restart your engine but it cranks and doesn't fire; chances are the fuel pump stopped working.

Take the palm of your hand, or a rubber mallet, and pound on the underside of the fuel tank in various places.  Sometimes this will jar the fuel pump motor enough to get it running again.  If it does start up again, don't waste time to get your fuel pump changed.  It is very worn out and telling you it will quit for good soon.

If you don't want any trouble with your fuel pump, the best things you can do are:  Change your fuel filter every 25,000 miles, put gas line antifreeze in the fuel tank once a month to get rid of water,  and replace the fuel pump after 150,000 miles.  Most of the time, if you do these things, the fuel pump will not leave you sitting by the side of the road.

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