September 3, 2013

Trivia question: Will a battery be damaged if stored on a cement floor?

See if you can answer this correctly.  So many times someone will tell me as I set a battery down on the floor in the shop;  "Better not set that battery down on the cement."  So, I dutifully find a piece of wood and set it on the wood.  Now here is the question:  Is it important that I set the battery on a piece of wood or not?  Do you know the answer?  Why do so many people think that setting a car battery on cement is bad for the battery?


  1. I believe that it is important to set the battery on a piece of wood. Why I think people think it is bad is because there may be some particles in the cement that could get up in the battery, thus destroying the ability to give charge, or maybe the cement will somehow make the water in the battery condense, so that it will be mostly acid...I really don't know.

  2. Actually, it is no longer important whether you set the battery on a piece of wood or on a cement floor. Some of the very first batteries used in automobiles where glass, encased in a wood shell. If you put those on the cement floor they would absorb moisture from the cement, the wood would swell, crack the glass, acid would leak onto the cement floor and ruin it, and your battery would be ruined as well. I set batteries on wood to please the long standing, once believed truth, now myth, that batteries need to be put on a slab of wood. People are such sticklers to something that was learned in the past that it is hard to introduce them to what has changed. So, my customers are satisfied to see that I put batteries on blocks of wood and it makes them feel good that I am doing things "right". :) Bryan