April 26, 2014

Be nice to your brakes.

A word of advice about brakes.  Because several cars needing brake work have come through the shop in the last week and it is on my mind.

20 years ago a man came to me with his vehicle and complained that the car went through brake rotors every two years.  I listened intently to all he had to say and when he was through I asked if I could ride along as he drove around town.  Every stop was a "slam-on-the-brakes" stop.  When we arrived back at the shop I invited him into the office for an estimate to repair his brakes.

Sitting down at the desk I handed him the estimate and then told him, "You need to drive like a grandmother to make your brakes last longer.  Start braking earlier before the stop sign and come slowly to a stop."  He instantly exploded, "I am very easy on my brakes!  You drove with me!  You know that!"  Well, I didn't push the point.  He scheduled work to repair the brakes and left satisfied.  I don't know if he ever changed his braking habits.

Ok then, does driving like grandma really help your brakes last longer?  Yes it does.  Some of my vehicles have 100,000 miles on one pair of brake pads and they still have life in them.  My children tell me I have always drove like grandpa.  : )  Or should I say, "lol"

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