April 18, 2014

Spring air conditioner work

Spring is here.  Hopefully.

Most of the work I see for air conditioner work in the spring, is systems that have leaked out refrigerant during the winter months.  This is normal due to the age of the vehicles, and the expansion and contraction of the metals and seals.

Some systems seem to never need attention and if you have one of those vehicles, you are blessed.

If you do need a spring recharge I would suggest having the existing refrigerant reclaimed, a small amount of oil added if it needs it, a full vacuum put on the system for up to an hour, and then recharge with a fresh charge of refrigerant.  This will give you the best possible performance of the air conditioner in the hot days to come.

True, it does cost more than just adding some refrigerant, but it is much healthier for your air conditioner if you air conditioner loses refrigerant over the winter.


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    1. I'm sorry, maybe my post was unclear. I am referring to air conditioner systems in vehicles rather than living spaces, and how to keep them running well. Thanks for visiting my page.

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