May 30, 2014

Deer whistles(horns)

You will hear people say that deer whistles don't work.  Why do they say that?  Because they are not informed how they work and how they can help you avoid hitting a deer.

Animals do not like certain sounds and will avoid anything that makes a sound that they do not like.  The deer whistles make a sound that deer do not like.  So, therefore, they will move away from the sound.

However, the whistles on the vehicle will not work well unless the vehicle is traveling 30 mph or faster.  If you are going 65 mph and see a deer by the side of the road and put on the brakes(instinctively), but then slow below 30 mph, the deer might turn around and just go across the road in front of you because the deer whistles are no longer whistling and the deer is now really confused.  But then you slowed way down and are not going to really damage your vehicle anyway if you hit the deer because you are going much slower.

Before I started using deer whistles on my vehicles I saw many deer run right in front of me as I approached. After I installed deer whistles, I observed the deer acting much differently.  They would start to run away before I was close to them.  But if I slowed down below 30 mph, they might turn from their flight away from the road and just run back across the road.

This has been consistent ever since we started using deer whistles.

So the moral of the story is:  If you see deer, keep your wheel strait and slow down in your lane(there might be more deer you cannot see)  Do not swerve to avoid hitting the deer.  Better to hit the deer than to swerve.  Swerving can cause a greater accident.  You are worth more than many deer.  And put deer whistles on, they help more than you think they do.

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