December 15, 2014

Need a catalytic converter?

Maybe you do and maybe you don't.

If you have taken your vehicle to have a check engine light checked out and it shows that your catalytic converter needs to be changed, sometimes the converter can be cleaned out easily.

I have had success with putting two cans of SeaFoam into the fuel tank and having the customer run the vehicle though that tank, and the code for a worn out catalytic converter does not come up again.

Here is more information:  If a code P0420 is registered on the computer, it usually means that the catalytic converter is 10% plugged.  More than likely it is carbon plugging the converter due to old age.  SeaFoam is a chemical that removes carbon from the inside of the intake manifold, carbon on the valve stems, and carbon in the combustion chamber.  I have found it also will clean carbon out of an old catalytic converter.

This can save you quite a lot of money.

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