December 19, 2014

Snow plow debris

The snow plows will be running if there is snow.

One of the worst enemies of tires is stuff that comes off the snow plows.  In fact, it is horrible stuff. Sometimes large pieces of metal get banged off the plow; a bolt, or bracket,  Those you can sometimes see on the road and avoid.

But the worst stuff is the shards of metal that get shaved off the plow blades.  They almost look like shrapnel from a war zone, and if you touch them you might get a nasty laceration.

They can not be avoided because you can't see them.  Last year I saw lots of these nasty things in tires every time it snowed and the plows were out.  I was able to plug a few of them, but most needed to have a patch on the inside of the tire to repair it.  And two tires last year were destroyed by these snow plow needles.  It looked like someone slashed the tire with a knife.

Be careful.

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