December 18, 2014

Snow travel

Here in Kansas we don't worry too much about traveling in the snow.  We take it or leave it.  But we should consider these things.

Have an emergency snow kit in every car just in case.  A good site for this is

Always travel with a full fuel tank.

If you get stuck; don't get more stuck or ruin your transmission by rocking back and forth too much, ask for help.  Too many people ruin their transmissions every year because they simply did not ask for help and thought they could get out themselves.  Just ask for help.  Asking for help is quite cheap.  Most people have a tow rope.

Remember the shovel and how to use it.  I was once stuck on a country road delivering the Sunday morning paper.  Some very well meaning folks came along to help me dig out.  They gave up after only a few tries and told me I would have to get a tow truck.  No way!  Not this South Dakota boy!  I told them to dig out from under the vehicle because it was high centered and the wheels were not touching the road surface.  In less than 5 minutes I was rolling again.

And the best advise.  Stay home.  There are way too many drivers out there who are not thinking about what their skill level really is.  Even if their vehicle has anti-lock brakes, and traction control, so what.  Those things can actually get you into more trouble.  Because of those features, drivers are going faster than their ability to control their vehicles in case things get out of control.  I believe we were safer when we didn't have the car thinking for us.  We drove slower.

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