April 27, 2015

Coincidence or Blessing?

This last week was in a word, unnerving.  Just about any vehicle that came in the door something went wrong, a part had to be ordered that was back-ordered, and the vehicle had to be pushed up on the schedule to work at a later date.  So cash flow went south, and the schedule desk looked like a trash pile. To top it off I had two break-downs on my own vehicles.

On Thursday my wife was tooling around town in the mini-van when she noticed "smoke" coming out from under the hood.  She turned off the vehicle right there, where she was, and waited until I could come take a look at it.  It was an old rotten plastic heater hose tee leaking out engine coolant.(antifreeze)  No damage had been done because she turned the vehicle off right away when she noticed the "smoke".

Now that is not a coincidence.  That is a blessing for your wife to be so wise and attentive.  I have been reading an interesting book.  It is simply called, "Proverbs".  In that book of proverbs there is one that stands out to me.  "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord."

Then was it a coincidence that our mini-van broke down in town?  We were planning a 4 hour trip on Sunday.  It could have broken down far away from home on a lonely stretch of highway.  Over the years I have kept track of how many times a vehicle breaks down away from home, or in someone's driveway.  It is quite amazing how many times a break down occurs in someone's own driveway, or quite close to their home.  Regardless of your own beliefs, one has to come to a conclusion that coincidence has to be ruled out.

Now I spent 5 long lonely hours of getting my forearms all scratched up getting those old hoses and fittings out of the van and putting new ones in on Saturday.  At one point I was overcome with despair because it appeared that the head gasket had warped but it was only a stubborn coolant bubble that refused to come out without much coaxing.  After being at work since 7 in the morning, I finally walked in our house at 8 p.m. Saturday evening.  We made our trip this Sunday without any problems.

Maybe this "Proverbs" book is right.  I am blessed to have such a wise wife who saved the engine from major expensive repairs, and it was no coincidence that the van broke down in town, rather than out on the road.  I think the favor of this "Lord" person is actually with me.

I think I will continue to read this book called, "Proverbs".

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