April 20, 2015

My wife hears things

I hope she does.  You want a wife that can hear.

Now if she hears something with the car and you can't hear it, that is not a strike against you.  It is just a fact that the female ear, and the male ear, are tuned to hear different frequencies better than others.  She can hear higher pitches and frequencies that you have a harder time hearing.  So the next time she says she hears a noise the car is making, listen up, it could be a bearing going bad.  Get if fixed before you have a break down, or at least have it checked by a mechanic.

Now your next question is going to be, "So how does the mechanic hear it if he is a man!?"  I have learned that if a woman comes in the shop with a report of a noise that her husband can't hear, or if we go on a test drive and she says, "See, there it is.", and I can't hear it, I believe her.  I first ask her questions about when she hears the noise, and how often, and under what circumstances.  Then I take the car in the shop and put the stethoscope to it and I usually find the noise, and it's reason for being there.

It is a blessing your wife can hear noises you can't.  She is helping you avoid a break down in your car.  And no one likes to be broke down.

Send her flowers.

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