May 20, 2015

Has your car been flooded?

If your car has gotten flooded; and I mean water on the inside of your car soaking the carpet and getting into the upholstery.

The best thing you can do is junk it and buy a new one.  Even if the engine and the transmission work fine. Let me tell you why.

I have lots of stories like this, but this one stands out among them all.  One of my customers had a really nice Volvo that his daughter was driving in weather like this.  She came to a flooded road and attempted to drive through the water but the engine stalled and she escaped through the sunroof.

The car sat in the water for several hours until her uncle could come and pull it out with his tractor.

My customer got the vehicle running really good and spent several days cleaning out the interior.  After he was all finished he became deathly ill.  Mold.  He did recover.  I advised him to sell the car and not look back.  He sold the car.

Even if a car gets water into the interior and all over the carpet, but you get it out within hours, it can still grow mold.  Especially from flood waters.  Get rid of the car for the sake of your health.

You are more important than a vehicle.

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