May 26, 2015

Pollute or not to pollute

Several times a year this happens:

A customer comes into the shop with a check engine light on.  The code is that the catalytic converter is not working like it should anymore.  I tell them that they can keep driving the vehicle the way it is because at this point it is not affecting the performance of the vehicle, it is just not burning the un-used fuel as efficiently.

Some customers will tell me they don't want to pollute the environment so they will spend the expensive repair bill to have it replaced.

Well.  If you don't want to pollute the environment, don't drive a car.  Just think of all the other stuff in a car that causes pollution, even to manufacture.  Aluminum, plastics, chemicals like antifreeze and transmission fluid, electronics, safety glass, airbag propellants, refrigerants, all pollute the environment.   And not to mention the amount of rubber that is worn off on the roads.(where does that go?)

Really?  If you are so worried about hydrocarbons coming out of your exhaust, what about everything else that doesn't have a converter to burn most of it away.

Someone else's land, air, and water, is getting polluted because you drive a car.  Don't buy land next to an interstate or busy street to build a house and yard.  It is more polluted than you can imagine.

Next time code P0420 is registered on your car's computer spend more thought than money about fixing it. Sometimes, over-the-counter chemicals that are put in the gas tank, can clean out your catalytic converter.

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