May 18, 2015

Wipe away that rain

Have you ever had your wipers fail during a downpour?

I advise using Rain-X or another brand of windshield coating.  I apply it consistently, once a month, on all my vehicles.  During a trip we were caught in a downpour, the wiper blades failed horribly by both of them flying off the wiper arms.  Other cars that had their wipers working normally, were forced to park by the side of the road because there was so much rain.  We however, because I had applied Rain-X, could still see clearly enough to drive, even though we had no wipers blades.

One word of caution:  If it is pouring that hard, and you can see clearly enough to keep driving but other drivers can't, hydroplaning could be an issue if your speed is too high.

Drive safely.  Think clearly.  Slow down even if Rain-X allows you to see clearly enough to keep going.

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