June 22, 2015

Buying a car: The female customer.

I have promised several years ago I would write about the female customer in the automotive industry, and several of my customers have been asking me when I'm going to write about her, so here is the first article I've had simmering on the back burner just ready to be published.

So many women are fearful of buying a car, let alone of facing manipulative salesmen who are trained to sell, and not necessarily concerned about the person buying the car.  Well here is a real life example of a woman who successfully buys all the cars for her family and gets the price she wants.  And she does it alone.

This is not my original idea.  Many years ago one of my customers told me this is how his wife buys cars.

Once she has found the car she wants and she is sitting down at the desk of the salesman, she puts her purse on the floor.

As the salesman talks about the car, the pricing, the features, the options, the financing, she listens carefully so see if things are going the way she wants them to.  She doesn't banter, or deal, or counter offer.  If anything at all about the sale of the car is not going her way, she picks up her purse and puts it on her lap.

If things still do not improve on the offer of the car, she loops the purse strings around her shoulder.

Now at this point, if the salesman has read her signals he will start to offer a better deal, if that happens she reverses the steps.  But she never puts the purse back onto the floor unless everything is just where she wants it.

This woman always, always, got what she wanted.  But she had the moxie to leave if need be.  And I'm sure she did a few times.  "Thank you for your time.  I would like to shop around some more to see what there is."

Ladies, "The woman holds the power of the purse."  All us men know that. : )

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