October 16, 2015

Engine oil additives beat planned obsolescence

There are still people out there that are very leery of chemical additives to lengthen the life of your engine.  However, this is not 1928, or 1958, or 1978 when even then miracle elixir doctors touted their exaggerated claims at state fairs across the country while their display engines ran without oil with the oil pans removed as they roped in curious fair goers.

However, there have been serious, and solid chemical additives since the 1920's, one of which is Marvel Mystery Oil, as a good example.  You could buy a Marvel Mystery Oil injector and mount it in your engine compartment.  It would inject the oil into your engine as your drove, and it would actually supplement the lubrication to the piston rings, and help keep the fuel system clean.  It did, and still does today, keep an engine running longer and better.

My favorite is Lucas Engine Oil Treatment.  It makes the oil sticky so that when the engine is turned off it sticks to surfaces and at the next start-up their is a film of oil that hasn't drained down so the engine has more lubrication when it starts.  Most of the wear on an engine happens when it is started because oil hasn't made it everywhere right away.

Other good additives can be bought from many manufactures and if you use them consistently, you can expect your engine to last well into the 300,000 mile mark.


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