October 19, 2015

Make that transmission last longer

If your owner's manual does not have a scheduled transmission filter and fluid flush schedule, then do one every 75,000 miles.  Every 50,000 miles would be better.

Yes, it costs money to do a flush and filter change, but repairing a transmission costs much much more.

And when you have the flush and filter done, have the mechanic install a transmission additive that conditions the clutches and improves lubrication.  I prefer Lucas Transmission Fix because of some of the good results it produces.  I have used it for many years and have watched what happens to the transmissions I add it to. The clutch plates last longer, and on the next flush and filter change I notice less clutch material in the transmission pan.  It is a very good product.

Normally, a thorough job of flushing the transmission and changing the filter costs about $250.  That is quite cheap compared to changing a transmission, some of which are as high as $5000 to replace.

Regular transmission fluid and filter changes, with additives, does wonders to the life of your transmission.  With regular maintenance, you may never have to replace or repair that transmission even if you own it past 200,000 miles.

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