November 27, 2015

Flush the engine coolant #2

The other good reason to flush your engine coolant is because of particulate and electrolyte build-up in the system.

As you drive your vehicle, it slowly wears down.  No brainer.  In the cooling system, particles of metal, sludge, and whatever else, collect as the coolant interacts with the metal, plastic, rubber, and gasket material around it.  This extra material in the coolant acts as an electrolyte in a battery and produces a voltage.  Over time, this voltage becomes higher, and as the voltage gets higher, more and more particles collect because of "electrolysis":  The interaction of chemicals and metal.

This voltage is like a parasitic snake worming it's way around the cooling system attacking the metal. The soft metal gets eaten up first.  That meaning the aluminum radiator and heater core.  Replacing a radiator is expensive, and replacing a heater core is much more expensive.

Just having your coolant replaced does not do a thorough job of flushing out the build up of particles.

Regular maintenance intervals of reverse flushing the engine cooling system, flushes out these particles more thoroughly, and greatly increases the life of your engine cooling system, your radiator, and your heater core.

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