December 3, 2015

Flush the brake fluid

Yes!  Flush the brake fluid.

We just don't think about flushing the brake system with new fluid.  The brakes just keep on working and no one worries about them.  Except when we need brake pads or rotors, but our new car never has any trouble with the brakes.

Brake fluid is a moisture magnet.  It is designed to suck up any moisture it finds so that minimal rust can form in the system.  But it can only perform this task for so long until it has used up it's usefulness to do so.  So have that brake system flushed about every two years to get rid of the old and put in new.

This is especially important on the newer vehicles that use anti-lock brakes.  Anti-lock brake systems have lots of little sensors, and valves that hate particles of rust or dirt.  A repair to the anti-lock brake system is not something you want or need.  Systematic flushing will greatly help lengthen the time till you have to repair the anti-lock system.  I have seen many vehicles go 20 years without having any repairs to the anti-lock brake system because the owner flushed the brakes on a regular basis.

It is not that expensive, flush the brakes.

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