December 1, 2015

Rotate the tires?!

Yes, rotating the tires will prolong the overall life of your vehicle if you consistently rotate them every 6000 miles.

Rotating tires promotes even wear because every position "cuts" the tire differently.  If you leave the tires in one position all the time, at lease one place will cut the tire so that it begins to vibrate.  And if you leave it there too long there is a chance that rotating that tire to a new position will not help it any more.  You then will have to buy new tires too soon to get rid of the vibration, when you still have plenty of tread left.

Any vibration at all is not good for your vehicle.  It wears prematurely on the suspension parts, and also on other parts of the vehicle.

Several years ago I had a customer, that at one time lived in a Middle Eastern country.  They were telling me the cars in that country lasted a very long time because the people drove them very carefully.  If they were coming to a pot hole, or rough part of the road, they would slow way down to slowly go through the rough part as if they were going over a speed bump.

Many of us here in the United States, because the distances are so great between places, run rough shod over washboard, pot holes, and rough roads.  Our vehicles take a beating because of how we drive.

So, to reduce any amount of vibration possible, rotate your tires every 6000 miles.  It helps.

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