March 26, 2016

Extreme jump starting

Every once-in-a-while, I will come across a vehicle that will not jump start after the battery has been drained.
What is happening is that the battery is taking all the power from the jump start and not enough is going to the starter.  Of course, this means the battery needs to be replaced.  But if you are out somewhere, where, there isn't a way to get a battery, and you need to get the vehicle running, how do you jump it with a parasitic battery?

First try running the good vehicle at 2000 rpms for 15 minutes to charge the bad battery on the vehicle that doesn't start.  Then try to start the vehicle.

If that doesn't work do this.  But only do this if you have to.

#1  Of course, as with any jump start, the heater blower motor on both vehicles needs to be turned to high.  This is to absorb electrical pulses from the alternator so that the alternator won't be damaged.

#2  Next, remove the bad battery from the vehicle that will not start.

#3  Connect the jumper cables directly to the battery cable terminals on the vehicle that does not start.
      Be careful that the cables do not touch each other, or any part of the car.  Use rags or tape is necessary.

#4  Now, without the battery in the car, run the good car at about 2000 rpms and try to the start the car      
      without the battery.  If it starts, keep the blower running on high, and disconnect the jumper cables.    
      Be careful to keep the battery cable ends away from each other and parts of the car.

#5  Keep the blower motor running and drive the vehicle to get a battery.

I used this method quite often when I used to do mobile service and the customer was in dire need of the vehicle starting right then so they could use it.  As long as they kept the battery cables separated from each other and parts of the car.

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