April 13, 2016

Longer lasting bulbs 101

When I first started working on automobiles, I was under a car on the lift, using a trouble lamp.  Melting water from snow dripped onto the trouble lamp and poof!, the bulb blew.  It was an instructional moment.

For a longer time between changing bulbs on your vehicle, clean them before you install them.

If the glass of a bulb has oil from your fingers on it, it can do the same thing the melting snow did.  The oil from your hand will boil on the surface and weaken the glass.

Use glass cleaner, or rubbing alcohol with a clean paper towel.  Clean the glass thoroughly, then grasp the glass bulb with a dry paper towel and install it in the socket.   Be sure not to touch it directly with your fingers.

If you still have trouble, with a particular bulb failing too often, it is possible the lens has a crack and is letting in moisture.  The water is getting onto the glass of the bulb and causing it to break, just like my instructional moment. : )

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