August 18, 2016

Catalytic converter code?

Your check engine light comes on.  You take it to a discount auto parts store to get the code read for free.  The code indicates your catalytic converter is going bad.  You get estimates on replacing the catalytic converter.  Your check book says no!

Now what?

How about doing what I have been doing for 20 years.  There is a good chance that putting a de-carbonization chemical in your fuel tank will clean out the catalytic converter.  I use SeaFoam.  It is a cheap chemical bought at most auto parts stores.

Take the whole can and dump it into the fuel tank.  It doesn't matter how full the tank is.  Then erase the code.  If you can't get the auto parts store to erase the code, then purchase a cheap code reader for under $100.  It should do the job and it is a handy tool for later use.  If you take it to a repair shop to get the code erased they may charge you that much anyway.  Or maybe you have a mechanic friend that loves to show off his fancy tools and he will erase the code for you.

Now drive the vehicle and see if the code comes back up.  If it does, put in another can and erase the code again.  Now see how long it takes for the code to resurface.  If it took longer than last time you are gaining ground.  If it doesn't come on again, great!  Problem solved.

I have success about 80% of the time using this method with a catalytic converter code.  One of my customers went through 4 bottles of SeaFoam before the light stayed off.

It is worth a try.

Since I started using this method, newer chemicals, specifically designed for this problem, and preventive maintenance, have been produced and are now being sold.  Do an on-line search and they will come up.  They are more expensive than SeaFoam.  I have not used them enough to give a good testimonial about them.  I am currently trying one out to see how it works compared to SeaFoam.

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