March 6, 2017

How to let the car sit in the college parking lot

So then, how do you let the college car just sit there all semester and yet still start when the student wants to go home?

#1  Make sure the battery is quite new.  Also make sure the manufacture date on the battery is less than 3 months from the date you purchased the battery; preferably only 1 month from the date of purchase.  The other thing I do with the battery is to install a solar battery maintainer.  It helps huge amounts.

#2  Put two cans of gas line antifreeze in the tank before the car goes to college.

#3  I make my college students change the oil before every semester.

#4  Make sure the spark plugs are in very good shape.  You would be surprised how many vehicles have trouble starting just because the spark plugs are worn out.

#5  Have the student fill the tank all the way up before they pull into the college parking lot for the start of the semester.

This is what I make my college students do with the cars I give them besides keeping the rest of the maintenance schedule current.

But again, there is no substitute for exercise.

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