April 10, 2017

Why do I need a code reader?

Many customers rely on their mechanic to read codes and decipher the information to see what needs to be repaired or not repaired.

However, I encourage vehicle owners to purchase a trouble code reader to help them understand why the check engine light came on.

Using a code reader is very much like looking up a medical condition on-line.  Many of us do it.  We get an itch in our eye, or a pain in our abdominal area, and we go to the internet and search our problem.  True, we may not get it exactly right, but if we go into the doctor we are prepared with information that helps us better understand what the doctor is saying.

Why not do the same for our vehicle?  For me personally I am impressed when a repair customer is prepared with questions about what is going on with their vehicle.  It helps me to help them, understand what is happening, or what possibly could be happening in relation to the fault code that is registered. 

So purchase a fault code reader.  They are anywhere from $35-$75.  Many of them come with a CD, or an on-line link to explain how the reader works, and what each fault code means.  It is not difficult to do.  It is like many plug-and-play devises we use everyday on our computers.

When the check engine light comes on in your vehicle read the code.  Then call your mechanic and tell him what it is.  He can then tell you if you need to fix it today, or if you can wait till the next service.  

He might tell you to erase the code to see if it comes back up, and how long it took to come back up.  This will prepare him for the repairs when the vehicle comes in the shop.  

Kind of like the last time I was in for an eye exam.  The doctor, "What strength reading glasses do you wear?"  I told him.  He replied, "I love it when patients already know what magnification works best.  Makes it easier to figure bifocals."

I like a well informed customer.

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