June 9, 2017

Some travel advise

"Could you schedule my car in for a check over?  I want to go on a long trip and make sure everything is okay."

I hear this a lot.  I understand the desire to have peace-of-mind.  I suppose if a mechanic checks your vehicle over before your trip you feel better about it.  But think about this......

You do oil changes and procedures scheduled for maintenance on time.  You keep track of your tire wear, you write down your fuel mileage every time you fill up.  You put gas line antifreeze in your tank every month to keep out moisture.  You have a mechanic you trust tell you when something needs to be repaired and when it can wait.  I would say you are pretty much up on your maintenance, and you should feel confident to take your car on any trip, to any destination, anytime.  I would.  I would take it to California tomorrow.  (I live in Kansas)

My wife does the same thing.  "Bryan, do you think the van is ready to go on a 2 hour trip?"  My answer, "Yes."  She responds, "Don't you think you should look it over before we leave?"  My answer, "No, I don't need to."  I end up looking it over any way.  I've been looking that van over all along.  I know what is wrong with it.  I know how long it can go before it is repaired.  I know what I have repaired.  And, so do you.  You already know all those things.  Your vehicle is ready for a trip.

The thing I hear the most often, "Please check my brakes before my trip."  Well, I've been checking your brakes every time you come in for a full service.  I've been telling you they are in good shape.  You have been driving around for 6 months in stop-and-go traffic, and on longer trips to the bigger city.  Your brakes are good.  If you want me to check them, sure, I will. I guess, if it makes you feel better.

I have often wondered how much is spent on peace-of-mind.  I should keep track of that.

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