January 12, 2019

Bad repair? How to talk to your mechanic

So you took your vehicle in to have something repaired; it works for a while but then it starts doing the same thing again.  Or maybe you had the water pump replaced and the pump gasket starts leaking.  How about those hated words, "Ever since you worked on my car......."

We've all been there with something, whether it be a car, or a clothes washer, or a roof repair.  It has happened to us all.  It just goes to show that all of us are fallible.

However, more times than not, when it comes to a mechanic, "That guy messed up my car.  I'm not taking it back to him."  I did that before I was a full time auto mechanic.  Now that I do my own work, I'm stuck.  And, I've ate my own words.

Most of us who are professional mechanics want to do a good job that stays fixed and satisfies the customer.  We want to do a good job every time, all the time. We respect ourselves and we respect you.  Now think about that. That means that most of us operate from respect, not greed, or being a know-it-all.  We are not going to tell you, "You're just hearing things.  Keep driving, it will be okay."  No. We want your car fixed right because we respect you, and we will go the extra mile to see that it gets done right. 

So the repair went wrong.  Stop.  Think the best of your mechanic.  Remember that most mechanics want to do a good job for you. Respect him. Tell him what is happening without getting on his case or getting emotional.  Tell him how badly you need your car and what your time-frame is.  With this information he can tell you what he can do for you and together you can work something out to get your vehicle back running the way it is supposed to in a reasonable amount of time.

In other words, don't treat your mechanic like you treat people on social media.  Treat him like you want to be treated if you made a mistake.

Maybe next time that I have time....I will share some thoughts about social media.  Believe it or not, social media has extended it's influence into the automotive repair industry.  We have our own, mechanic's space, so-to-speak.

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