May 15, 2020

Covid-19 update

I will have to admit, adjusting, to working with this virus, is almost as stressful as starting a new venture.  But we are working with it.

At this time Janell and I have decided to keep the office and shop closed to customer traffic for now.  We will reevaluate when the governor eases restrictive guidelines. 

We have many different customers with different levels of good health.  This was the best approach we could take to consider everyone that comes to our repair facility.

If this is an inconvenience for you, just remember that I am interested in protecting your life and mine, so I can keep servicing your vehicle.  I can't do everything I want to do in my business, but I work hard at protecting you as the customer.  The same reason I have shop keeper's insurance, and the same reason I am my own neighborhood watch.

This is all about reducing exposure and easing back into the regular routine with hopes that small amounts of exposure will act as a vaccine.

Just an update, still here, still wrenching,


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