August 8, 2020

Repairs happen in twos and threes

 Here is one for your brain.

Why is it that if a customer comes to the shop for a starter replacement, one or two more starter repairs follow within a week?  And the same goes for other repairs; two or three batteries, two or three intake gasket replacements, two or three wheel bearings.

My wife wrote a small post to FaceBook today and it made me think of repairs always coming in twos or threes.  Here it is...

I finally realized why ALL of virus info is so varied and conflicting.
Coming from a degree in Psychology and having background in conducting my own research and learning statistics, I finally recalled this one true and important fact:
Example: country X has less cases because they did not shut down nor wear masks !! Eureka ! 🧐
Country Y has less cases because they shut down and wore masks !! Eureka ! 🧐
There is not proof of the CAUSATION of these events...there are MANY MANY other factors working here which might have CAUSED these results. These factors can only be ruled out by a well done study where the participants are RANDOMIZED to even out the effect of these other factors on the results seen.

The study is then given a "margin of error" rating as well that shows how accurate the study actually is. See this link, it describes this well about election polls:

(Yes, this is how science is done, I got a degree in it)
Be aware each "study" has a margin of error with it, the larger the error factor, the more likely the causation factor is not accurate.
WATCH THE VIDEO for a common sense explanation and please filter all your CAUSATION thoughts through this common sense info..

So then, what causes/correlates, repairs to come in twos and threes?  Most mechanics tell the same story.  

I bet people that consume more ice cream have less battery problems. : )  Listen to the video.

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