August 2, 2020

Update on how things are going

I am sorry that I have not written sooner.  I have been very busy(which is a good thing), moving repairs through the shop and doing my best to lessen exposure to Covid-19.

We(Janell & I), have decided to keep the lobby, office, and shop area closed to as much customer traffic as possible due to the uncertain nature of how things are playing out with the virus.  

At the present time we are working on a plan to open the lobby when the weather gets cooler.  Most likely this will involve some sort of plastic see-through barrier around the counter.

Right now I have been concentrating on getting vehicle repairs through the door.  In order to do that I have had to reduce the amount of time I spend sanitizing and cleaning. Having the office and lobby closed helps greatly in that regard.  

For those of you who have expressed dislike for my mitigation measures, please remember that I am self employed.  I do not have vacation pay like many of you, and I do not have sick leave.  I have to earn all of that.  If I have to leave due to illness, then the shop stops running, your car is not repaired, and I loose revenue.  It's not that I worship the almighty dollar, it's that I have bills to pay just like you do.

And, if the heath department calls me telling me I was exposed and I have to quarantine for a time, then the same paragraph above applies.  

This is a different sort of virus because the government will make you quarantine for this one.  I can still work sick if I have the flu, or have been exposed to the flu.  Not this Covid-19 flu.

Many of you are not self-employed, so this is not something that is forefront on your mind.  For me, this is a major factor in keeping the mill wheel turning and the grain grinding. 

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