December 19, 2020

Christmas news

I suppose I have made too many posts about Covid-19 this year, but I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on how it is affecting us here at Hesston Auto & Truck Repair.

But it is time to talk about something different.  

A customer came in the other day and was remarking how complicated vehicles are today and he is afraid to do anything under the hood of his vehicle.  

That is unfortunate.  He worked on his older vehicles, and things still are held together with nuts and bolts, and wrenches still do the same job they did 10 years ago or even 20 to 30 years ago.  Dig in, start, turn a bolt loose, then the next bolt, then the next.

Why do we get scared with new things?  Because they look different.  We look under the hood of a car and it all looks so new and smooth, and slick, that we become afraid to touch anything for fear we will break something.  Believe-it-or-not, I start thinking the same thing with a new vehicle that comes in for repairs...until I start taking apart the first item to get at the worn out water pump.  Then it becomes like something I did for years.  It's just nuts, and bolts, and gaskets, and pulleys, like the old days. Don't be scared to dig in and repair your vehicle.  

An important rule of survival is to start doing something.  Stop sitting on your hands all worried that you are going die in the wilderness on your camping trip which you are now lost on, and get to work building a shelter, or a fire, or a signal.  Get to work-its' the best way out of a "I-can't-do-it" attitude. 

The same with vehicle repairs.  Start. Do. Learn. Ask questions. Do. Complete.

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