August 15, 2021

Long time no see

I apologize for it being so long since I last posted.

For a variety of reasons, the repair market has become extremely busy. We hardly have time to do anything but go from one fix to the next. 

To compound the busyness, the supply chain doesn't seem to be working very well as many of you are experiencing with lots of different products. We are also starting to see that in the automotive repair industry. Common parts that were readily available the next day, are now sometimes taking a week and a half. So we just adjust and think ahead more. 

Also, people are fixing up older vehicles because cars and pickups have, for some reason, become scarcer to purchase. 

How long will this last? I have no idea. I'm not about to make any speculations of why this is happening or how long it will continue. 

We just get up every morning and make the best of the schedule and work longer hours. Some of you have probably seen me working at 9:30 at night more than one night during the week.

Hopefully that explains why I have not sat down to blog about what's going on.

In the days to come, maybe I'll find time to write about some challenging vehicle repairs that have happened in the last few months due to all the supply chain upheaval, and the interesting vehicle sales market.

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